POLL: What do you think about the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm/Star Wars?

It looks like our anniversary episode is going to have a substantial mailbag segment, so I wanted to extend the invitation to all you strangers and aliens out there to sound off about how you feel about Star Wars’ new home with Disney! We recorded one episode right after the big news (you can listen to it here: Disney’s Star Wars Initial Reactions) but since then a TON of news has been revealed. They have a writer. Harrison Ford is interested. Speilberg said “No way” to directing. So what do you think?

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So, what DO you think about this Star Wars Disney thing? Do you feel like dancing like an Ewok in Return of the Jedi . . . or do you feel like you Jar Jar after he stepped in poodoo? Vote and sound off!

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One response to “POLL: What do you think about the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm/Star Wars?”

  1. RC Avatar

    I just don’t think it’s health to have so many brands under the same umbrella.

    However, another way to spin it is Lucas now owns a significant part of Disney, now that Lucas has 2 Billion in Disney stock. If my calculations are close, he’d own about 2.5% of Disney now.

    Still, I’ve heard people complain about the money sucking vacuum of Star Wars merchandise thus far. I’m betting we haven’t seen anything yet.

    On the upshot, I’m hoping to see Willow revived.

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