POLL: What grade do you give Iron Man Three?

Iron Man 3In their Iron Man Three episode, Ben, Dr. Jayce, and Steve graded Iron Man Three.

Who do you agree with? Any of them? Ben gave it an A-, Dr. Jayce gave it a B-, and Steve gave it a C+.

What do YOU say? Vote and leave a comment below!

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One response to “POLL: What grade do you give Iron Man Three?”

  1. Hank Harwell Avatar

    I found it to be a very satisfying conclusion to the series. Not like (ahem) Dark Knight Rises where it seemed as if Nolan wanted to have his cake and eat it too, i.e., let’s kill off Bruce Wayne, but maybe not. Oh, and we’ll let someone else be Batman for a while, as long as we’re at it.

    There were areas that were not as tight as others, but on the whole, I loved it!

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