STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS comic book prequel preview predictions! (UPDATED W/ NEW SPECULATION)

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool has posted another spoiler, based on the END of the Star Trek Into Darkness comic that makes a big reveal, and they believe this reveal is actually revealing the villain of the movie. It isn’t ANYONE I’ve heard people talk about, and if it is true, then I’m interested . . .  but it has the potential to be really stupid, too. Then again, that’s ALL art, isn’t it? Follow the link for some wildly audacious speculation AND pretty audacious plot point if it’s true.

Diamond, the distribution monopoly in the comic book industry, has posted a five page preview of the “INTO DARKNESS” prequel comic that will set the stage for the new movie. You can read it here:

Just come back after reading it, so we can discuss it.

Of course, it reveals nothing.


I believe it does. If you look over at our poll, you’ll see that Khan has received the most votes as who people think will be the new movie’s villain. I, however, have said over and over that it’s Gary Mitchell.

I now have a new theory that piggy backs on my old theory.

My old theory: it’s Gary Mitchell, James Kirk’s friend who became like a god when they crossed the barrier on the edge of the galaxy and caused all kinds of problems for the crew of the Enterprise in the original series.

My new theory: they have named Benedict Cumberbatch’s character as John Harrison, suggesting that the villain is NOT Khan or Gary Mitchell but instead a new character. IF they are not lying and he actually is this new John Harrison character, then my theory is this: John Harrison crossed the barrier on the edge of the galaxy . . . and will get godlike powers and cause all kinds of problems for the crew of the Enterprise.

Why? Because of the opening of the comic book and a couple interviews I’ve seen. They will be dealing with the aftermath of the destruction of Spock’s home world, Vulcan.

My next prediction: Garry Mitchell or John Harrison, whoever gets the powers, will dangle the temptation to help Spock bring back his people.

For the last movie, if you really wanted to understand what the villain was up to, you had to read the comic book that went along with it, which is unfortunate. A comic book tie-in prequel should explore the themes and characters, not be required reading to understand the movie.

This comic is exploring Spock’s feelings about his world’s destruction — or at least it is in these five pages. And I think reveals enough for me to adjust my prediction of the villain, just not change it. Sure, the villain is not godlike Gary Mitchell . . . but its another character touched by the same thing Gary Mitchell was touched by. If that is what they do, what a great way to do a new story that explores and expands on an old episode.

If this is not what they do with the movie, I’ll be okay with it. I trust that they will give us something fun and interesting.

What do you think?






3 responses to “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS comic book prequel preview predictions! (UPDATED W/ NEW SPECULATION)”

  1. John Avatar

    I don’t have the energy to come up with a possible theory…

  2. Travis Daisy Morrill Avatar

    My prediction the villain won’t so much be tempting Spock with restoring Vulcan but using his knowledge of Spock’s PTSD (I’ll call it what it is) to make him less effective in fighting him.

    Also I agree 100% that not putting Nero’s full backstory in the movie changed him from what is potentially one of the best villains to a random-villain of the week. I read those comics after I saw the movie and it completely changed my view of Nero.

    …Oh and I might or might not have voted for Khan on accident, I was intending to vote for Mitchell, so uh… whoops…

  3. Daniel Avatar

    Hmmmmm, I honestly don’t have any theories about Cumberbatch after reading issue #1!

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