The Christian Podcasting Crossover Event! (CROSSOVER) –SA108

CrossoverNexusBigWe’re so excited about a huge event in the world of Christian geek podcasts! The Crossover Event is here!

Last year, we did a podcasting event in which a group of podcasts covered a concept in their own unique way.

This year, we’re doing something bigger and bolder — a full on crossover. Hosts from the participating podcasts will be appearing on other podcasts! In this episode, Ben and Matt Anderson from The Sci-Fi Christian introduce the Crossover concept and participants!

Here are the relevant links:

Strangers and Aliens dedicated page — here, you will be able to find the podcasts and direct links to their Crossover episodes: Crossover Event Page

Featured podcasts:
Geekually Yoked —
The Sci-Phi Show —
Untold Podcast —
The Sci-Fi Christian —
Reel World Theology —
The Storymen —
Geek This! Podcast —
Voices in My Head —
Are You Just Watching? —
Strangers and Aliens —
Honorable mentions (podcasts that are not able to participate for various reasons):
Geekklessia —
Christian Geek Central —
Innroads Ministeries —
Helix Reviews —

And this will not be the last event this year!

(PS — the artwork above is by David Clements of Geek This! for the next stage in this Christian podcasting community!)



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