Who Had the Bigger Revelation at San Diego Comic-Con?


So Agent M, Marvel’s Twitter claimed they they “won” San Diego Comic-Con. Did they? What do you think? There were some big announcements, but they pretty much boiled down to ONE big item from the two of them . . .


Marvel revealed the title of the Avengers sequel: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!!!


DC revealed that the next Man of Steel movie would actually be a movie featuring Batman and Superman!!!

So, what do you think? Who had the bigger news? Marvel or DC?

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4 responses to “Who Had the Bigger Revelation at San Diego Comic-Con?”

  1. Jeff Schaefer Avatar
    Jeff Schaefer

    Wow, MARVEL’s twitter correspondent thought Marvel won the show? WHAT – A – SHOCK!!!

    Seriously though, DC’s announcement blew me out of the water. As long as the creative team stays consistent with their storytelling, and the producers cast Bruce and Lex right, I couldn’t be more excited by the possibilities…

  2. Jack56 Avatar

    This is not even close…DC won this by a long mile!

  3. RC Avatar

    While I’m more of a Marvel fan, I think the DC news is bigger because it’s just not been done before. I’m excited to see it. I think it will be something either really cool or really distracting.

  4. Bud Rogers Avatar

    I think DC’s reveleation had much more oomph – it wasn’t necessarily expected that they’d go there quite yet. I’m really excited to see where they take it. I could see Bruce Wayne working alongside Lex Luthor initially, as these two business giants come to terms with what Superman’s existence will mean to mankind (and their business concerns).

    Marvel’s news opens up the Marvel Univerese in interesting ways – providing a sprngboard for the Vision to make his appearance. Still think they should have worked Hank Pym into the mix during the Avengers (as a SHIELD scientist conferring with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner), but I trust that they’ll work everything together in an interesting and entertaining way.

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