EPISODE 6 – “Star Wars Part 2: The Original Trilogy”

Well, the sci-fi guys are back with the conclusion of their conversation about Star Wars, this time turning their attention on the movies that started it all . . . and ended it all!

if you haven’t listened to the first part of this conversation, you can download part 1 of the Strangers and Aliens Star Wars conversation from iTunes (it’s episode 5) or download it and listen to it here on the website as well.

We’ve appreciated all the responses to out last episode, but because we recorded both parts at the same time we weren’t able to answer responses to part 1 in our part 2 podcast, but we’ll answer as much of it as possible in our next episode. But please, let us know what you think about the original trilogy and what you think about the sci-fi guys thoughts as well. We’ve enjoyed getting your feedback!

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6 responses to “EPISODE 6 – “Star Wars Part 2: The Original Trilogy””

  1. Ryan Avatar

    not to be off topic – but i hope you will devote an episode to harry potter and whether or not you feel it is an appropriate fandom for christians. if not, why not? what is the main difference between harry potter, and all the other fandoms that feature magic as part of their story? Star Wars obviously features magical themes to a very large extent – although it’s not called that specifically. the same for LoTR, Narnia, the arthurian legends, and pretty much anything else in the fantasy genre.

  2. Ben Avatar

    Ryan, we’ve actually been talking about doing that topic. Dr. Jayce and Steve have both read the books. I’ve only read one of the books and seen two of the movies. The topic itself, though, as you suggest it is something we’d not only like to cover, but considering our focus, we sort of NEED to cover!

  3. Student Z Avatar
    Student Z

    On a positive note Strangers and Aliens has one of the coolest intros I’ve heard. I listen to podcasts and radio a lot, but this intro is really catchy.

    Lots of people just have lame music, but the sound effects and voices are actually quite good.

    And I have to admit that Steve isn’t as geezerly as I thought. He likes Clones which is good, but he still misses the boat on Sith!

  4. Ben Avatar

    I told you Steve might surprise you!

    As for the music, yes, Tim Leffel (a buddy of Dr, Jayce) did our music and then mixed the sound effects and dialogue and he did a fantastic job! I’ll pass on your comments!

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