Pilot Season – when studios create the first episode of a new show and shop it around in hopes that a network will pick up the series for a full season . . .

For us, it’s a fun exercise in checking out a new series and exposing ourselves to some new (old) sci-fi TV!

Each host has selected a pilot episode from a TV show. Could be a successful one, could be a failed one. The only rules: it has to fit into the sci-fi/fantasy realm, it has to be a pilot (in other words it was intended as the first episode of a TV series), and it has to be something of interest.

Then we will discuss: Based on what we see, would we order a series of this show? What potential does the show have based on this pilot? What actually happened to the show? Do we personally want to continue watching?

Our selections for this episode:

THE STARLOST – a Canadian production of a sci-fi concept by Harlan Ellison featuring some basically Amish people on a giant spaceship

LOST IN SPACE – the original pilot, sans robot and Dr. Smith, which featured a very different concept from the resulting series

SWORD ART ONLINE – an anime series about a devastating development in a virtual reality game, and the newest series of this episode by far

Those were Ben, Steve, and Evan’s picks. The pilot episode has been created for each of these series, it will they get ordered for a pick up?

Find out in this episode of Strangers and Aliens!

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