“Weird Science-Fantasy” #27 (COOL COMIC COVERS #1)

Cool Comic Covers is a new series for the Strangers and Aliens blog. As listeners and readers know, Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce are all comic book fans. And comic book covers have some of the most interesting, intriguing, and engaging artwork in pop culture. This series will spotlight some of the comic book covers that caught our attention and caught our eyes.

Most will feature things like superheroes or sci-fi, although some will go beyond our usual genres and may feature war comics or westerns. But to start, I thought this awesome fantasy comic book would be a fun example of the pulp fantasy comics used to feature regularly.

Weird Science Fantasy #27, by EC

Weird Science-Fantasy was a pulp comic anthology series that featured sci-fi and fantasy stories, published by EC. This particular comic featured a Wally Wood cover.

Here is a energetic, bold take on a number of science fiction tropes: the BEM (bug eyed monster), the damsel in distress, and the stalwart hero. I can’t help appreciating the space suits — I’m a sucker for “past visions of the future”.

EC, Wally Wood, and Weird Science Fantasy will no doubt be featured again in this series.

~ Ben





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