FEEDBACK — What did YOU think of Avengers? (Poll)

What did you think of The Avengers? Did it deserve the half billion dollars it made last weekend? Did it meet your expectations? Exceed them? Not even come close to them? Let us know in our poll . . .

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3 responses to “FEEDBACK — What did YOU think of Avengers? (Poll)”

  1. Tracy Avatar

    It hit all the right notes, at all the right times. There are a couple of things I could say that I did not like but not enough to take away from the overall enjoyment of it. They have taken on an almost impossible task by juggling that many characters at once and doing them all justice pretty much. It was a flat out FUN movie and since I am a comic book fan that made it that much the better.

    1. Ben Avatar

      It absolutely did exactly what it set out to do. And it was extremely satisfying.

  2. Hank Harwell Avatar
    Hank Harwell

    Short answer, I loved it. Its not my favorite movie, nor is it my favorite Superhero movie (yet), but it is definitely in the top 5. I did run across this article on Mark Ruffalo’s performance in the movie:

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