The Most OVERRATED Christmas Movies Ever

Let’s be honest, we all love Christmas season, because of the family time, but if we were all honest we would admit that the holidays can be some of the most stressful times of the entire year. Many reasons exist for this fact, but one of those reasons if due to conflict with the fam. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this list might add to some minor family conflict, because I am about to share how I really feel about some of my loved ones’ favorite (lame) Christmas movies!


The OVERRATED Christmas movie parade begins now:


1. A Christmas Story

I don’t have to say much about this film, because I think it speaks for itself…YAWN. Simply put…it’s boring. I know, someone had to say it, and you’re probably glad I said it instead of you, but the truth is this movie has somehow become a classic and I think it is because my parent’s generation somehow relates to this film….I don’t. Now my middle brother may never talk to me again (because this is his favorite film, but I had to be honest!)

2. White Christmas

Ah Oh! I went there! I just took on perhaps one of the most beloved Christmas films out there. The females especially love this film, I know my wife does at least, but I just can’t help it…this film is just as boring as A Christmas Story, but it adds singing and dancing, which somehow makes it even worse. I would have listed this one first, but I don’t want to sleep on the couch this Christmas season, because as I mentioned this horrible, I mean boring, I mean…..I’m sorry babe, but this movie just stinks, no matter how many times you force me…I mean encourage me to give it a chance. I have given it several chances and it still stinks! Love you babe!  😉

3. Santa Clause


The entire message of this film comes down to Santa (Tim Allen), leaving his kid behind at the end of the movie, because of his massive responsibility of being Santa. Lovely, just what we need, another father shirking his responsibilities as a dad. In this case, it is Big Red himself, and I just think it is an awful message that many seem to overlook! A dad’s first responsibility is to his family and not his job.

4. Jingle All the Way

Simple. Any film that has Arnold talking while he is NOT carrying a gun……FAIL!

5. Jack Frost

A reincarnated father comes back to life in the form of…wait for it….Frosty the Snow Man….wait….I mean….Jack Frost. In an all-time low Michael Keaton (who is an excellent actor) makes his second worst decision in accepting this role. His biggest mistake was leaving the role of Batman.


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  1. Benjamin Curtis Avatar

    meaning for santa clause i think was miss interpreted and jingle all the way funny movie

  2. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    The meaning is clear. Santa gives up being with his son to focus on his job…being Santa…

    I just watched it again last week….message is still there.

    But the kid can be rest assured that he at least has a snow globe to be able to see his father…

    It’s not a good movie to begin with, but the take away is fairly obvious…it isn’t promoting solid fathering practices.

    Job over son (he does get to see him on Christmas Eve though)….how touching!

  3. Benjamin Curtis Avatar

    no it talks about all the kids who would be disappointed and how if he doesn’t become santa then their wont be another santa

  4. Benjamin Curtis Avatar

    If you watch the whole series of movies you see that it all ends up ok between him and his father and they show the problems that arise because of his father leaving he ends up vandalizing stuff.

  5. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    Exactly, so it proves that it is not a good daddy decision. Sorry, but millions of kids not getting toys isn’t the end of the world…being a dad is more important 😉

  6. Cindy Navarro Avatar
    Cindy Navarro

    WHY is CHRISTMAS SHOES not on this list? I don’t like the song, don’t like the book, and loathe the movie!! The only thing worse is….THERE IS A SEQUEL!!!!!!!! I would tell you the most annoying part of that, but it would be a spoiler….esp for all of those who weep copiously over these shoes Mama needs for Heaven!!

    (Not that I have a strong opinion on this, of course. LOL!)

  7. Bonnie Avatar

    I agree with you on Jack Frost and A Christmas Story…but, White Christmas NO. Cindy,for someone that doesn’t like Christmas Shoes,you know alot about it. I didn’t even know their was a sequel…could you tell me when it is on? I love the song…but the movie could have been better. For me the message is:Sometimes with this season we are so busy working, cooking,baking,cleaning,paying bills,shopping etc.,that we forget that there are people in need, sick, missing a love one either they live far away or maybe their loved one has passed away,or someone is a single parent and they are wondering if they can buy anything for their children. The man in the movie saw this little boy and that he didn’t have enough money for the shoes he wanted to buy for his mother,who was dying. The little boy looks up to him and he saids,I want to by these shoes for my mother sir, daddy saids, there not much time, mommy is going to meet Jesus today. The man, realized that this is what Christmas is all about. So this seasons if you see someone who might need help,think about this song/movie…and do what you think is right…you never know that one day you may did help too.

  8. Cindy Navarro Avatar
    Cindy Navarro

    Bonnie, I don’t know what it is about the song that grates on my nerves so badly. NewSong does one of my favorite Easter songs, but I really dislike this one. As far as the message, I am a firm believer that if one is in a position to help, DO IT, no matter what time of year it is! I have also had to accept help… much as I hated to do that. Every situation you mentioned above about those in need, I have been in at one time or another, so lack of sympathy is not my issue. For some reason, the song seems more designed to be a tear-jerker than a message of helping others.

    The message of the song is wonderful. I would never argue with that. ******SPOILER ALERT******!!!!!
    In the sequel, the shoes are in a box in the closet!! The whole purpose of the kid wanting the shoes was because he wanted his mom to be buried in them. (although, I don’t think we will actually be wearing our burial clothes in heaven. But, that’s an argument for another day)So….WHY?? 🙂

    For the record, the song is sometimes hard to avoid when listening to the radio. As far as the book & movies, I had to review them all before they could be placed in the church library. That was my job.

  9. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    Interesting Cindy! I have never seen it so it might belong on this list.

  10. Erica Avatar

    White Christmas is GREAT! And the Santa Clause I never saw it that way and he doesn’t have custody of his son until his ex-wife finds out he is Santa…so he wasn’t going to hardly be with his kid and now his son can see him whenever he wants. Anyway, White Christmas is great and a great story. Oh well, I guess everyone has their own Christmas movie list and that’s ok…I suppose. I really don’t like The Christmas Story either. It’s weird and sad.

    1. Erica Avatar

      and you can’t say that White Christmas stinks! It was a huge hit and still is….now granted it’s probably not a guy favorite and that’s ok, but it doesn’t stink – take that back 🙂 Great cast, great songs, and one of the best female dancers, great comedian, and 2 great singers! Oh well 🙁 it doesn’t stink

    2. Leslie Avatar

      I totally agree my sweet friend!! Love, love, love White Christmas it totally doesn’t stink. I also like the Santa Claus too!

  11. Bud Rogers Avatar
    Bud Rogers

    Anything with Tim Allen in it has a few strikes against it already, so I can’t argue with The Santa Clause inclusion in this list.

    I also never really “got” “A Christmas Story” either – I mean I watched once and it was all right, but nothing I willingly go back to year after year.

    “Jingle All the Way” and “Jack Frost”, I never bothered with.

    But I do like “White Christmas”. It’s pretty soft on the whole Christmas thing, but as a musical from the mid-50s, I find it enjoyable.

  12. Brandon Mallard Avatar
    Brandon Mallard

    I’m feeling half-n-half with your picks. It now strikes my curiosity about what your top five FAVORITE Christmas picks are and the reasoning behind those!

  13. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    My top favs (most are listed on my 7 Christmas movies you had to see before the world ended):

  14. Doug Avatar

    Oh, come on! You really don’t like A Christmas Story? I agree about Santa Clause (saw it once and that was all I needed. Have no time for the stupid sequels), Jingle All the Way I absolutely deplore, don’t give a rat’s butt about Jack Frost. I would rather watch the horror version before that (and that isn’t any time soon). And sorry, A White Christmas is a classic. You’re just wrong on that one. 😛

    To each their own. You better pony up and tell us what Christmas films you DO like. Haha!

  15. Chuck Avatar

    A Christmas Story is boring!

  16. Mickey Kit Avatar

    Can ‘Jack Frost’ be considered overrated when nobody likes it?

  17. Daniel Avatar

    Santa Clause 2 makes it clear that Scott actually became a good father by becoming Santa. And let’s be honest, he should let his ex-wife has some visitation rights!

    With a very special video!

  18. Megan McClure Avatar

    How about the most UNDERRATED Christmas Movies ever?

    -One Magic Christmas

    -Santa Claus: The Movie

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