Episode 18 — “Once Upon a Grimm Time”

The topic: fairy tales.

They are everywhere right now, appearing on two of the major TV networks in prime time, in theaters, and, of course, in DVD collections and toy boxes around the world.

So what is it about fairy tales that cause us to enjoy them and want to reinterpret them?

Are they helpful or hurtful to the intended audiences?

And after the main discussion, we open up the mailbag and respond to some listener mail.

And, of course, Ben plugs a new book of his.

If you have something you’d like to add, tell us! Even better, you could record a short message in the form of an MP3 (under three minutes, please) and we’ll include you in an upcoming episode!

Coming soon: next episode, we take a look back into sci-fi history, with a fun and experimental episode!

Godspeed, everyone!

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