Episode 19 — “Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb: Batman Movie Retrospective”

In preparation for The Dark Knight Rises, Ben, Dr. Jayce, and Steve take on the Batman!

They take a look back at the Batman films, starting with Adam West’s 1966 Batman, moving to the Tim Burton era Batman and Batman Returns, into the Joel Schumacher era with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, taking a detour with a movie that only Ben had seen (and wishes he hadn’t), and into the Nolan Batman universe.

We’d LOVE to hear (or read) your thoughts and memories of watching Batman. As usual, you can contact us through our website or e-mail us at podcast@strangersandaliens.com. Also, if you like, you can e-mail us an MP3 recording (please try to keep it under three minutes).

Next episode will be a superhero from a different publisher: Spider-Man. And coming soon: The Dark Knight Rises!

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