Episode 23 — “Sci-Fi Rip Offs”

Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce are together again . . . and, fortunately for you, none of them sing the song from The Muppets Take Manhattan (although Ben has it stuck in his head as he types these words).

The topic? Sci-fi rip offs. The three of them make their way through list of favorite rip offs in sci-fi and fantasy, some you may be familiar with and some that may be new to you and some that maybe you hadn’t thought of.

Did you find yourself yelling back at the podcast, either that one we chose wasn’t a rip off or that we missed an obvious one right in front of our noses? Write to us and let us know, or even better use the recorder on the right side of the screen here.

Also, we tackle a controversy that has cropped up (“They drew first blood, not me”) . . . and give some thoughts on what we have linked to in our links section of our website, and why.

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