TILL WE HAVE FACES Pt. 1: The Origin of the Book – SA211

glome_by_bilquisevely-d54ew6vFinally, Strangers and Aliens takes on the topic of a book that is at the top of all of their lists of favorites: TILL WE HAVE FACES by C.S. Lewis!

The first of two parts, this episode features backgrounds to the book, exploring the sources C.S. Lewis was inspired by, his time in his life when he wrote the novel, and how it fits into his body of work, while also looking at when the Strangers and Aliens hosts discovered the book.

You can purchase the TILL WE HAVE FACES here and support the podcast: http://amzn.to/2ffeScC (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Music provided by Heath McNease at http://heathmcneasemusic.com. The music for our Till We Have Faces episodes comes from his album The Weight of Glory Second Edition, featuring hip-hop remixes of his music.

Artwork for the podcast provided by Bisques Evely at http://bilquisevely.deviantart.com.

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