TRAILER: The Dark Knight Rises

And here we have the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. As I already posted, the teaser poster got me excited to see the movie. More excited than I already was, I should say.

You can watch it here . . .

Some of this feels disturbing . . . some of it feels strange (the football field thing — that’s either going to be brilliant or awful, but in the trailer I find myself confused . . . and a good kind of confused . . . I think) . . . and it does the job. This looks good, it looks interesting. Could we possibly be looking at a satisfying conclusion/sequel? Is it possible?

Let’s look at other third films in superhero franchises . . . Spider-Man 3. Superman 3. Batman Forever.

It looks like we just may be looking at a right proper trilogy here. Starts strong, powerful middle, and fitting conclusion. Time will tell.

The good news for me is this: I’m getting to the point where my expectations are pretty high, which means I’m going to start bringing myself down by saying there’s no possible way it can live up to those expectations, which will means if the movie really is good, it will exceed my lowered expectations.

I hope.

~ Ben


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