Super Hero Tournament of Champions: Nightwing vs. Green Arrow


WHO WOULD WIN?: Nightwing
WHY?: The only none super human super hero that I would likely give an edge to over Nightwing is Batman and that is because he trained him.
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE OUTCOME: I like Green Arrow, but he didn’t have a chance.



WHO WOULD WIN?:Nightwing

WHY?:Superior training

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE OUTCOME: I see Green Arrow using up his arrows before Nightwing sustains enough damage to give Green Arrow the physical edge in the resulting hand to hand fight.



WHO WOULD WIN? Nightwing.
WHY?: One word: Batman. Nightwing studied under the guy for years. He is essentially a ninja. He’s going to use long range attacks, misdirection, the darkness, and finally close quarters fighting to get past the arrows and then take down the archer. Green Arrow is no slouch, but he’s also no ninja.
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE OUTCOME: Honestly, I was going to give it to Green Arrow. But Nightwing is Batman’s protege. That gives him the edge.
WHO WINS: Nightwing 3-0

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2 responses to “Super Hero Tournament of Champions: Nightwing vs. Green Arrow”

  1. Charles Avatar

    Ok just got hip to this and loving it, but I do have one thing to say, how can spidery lose to flash? I know he is fast, smart and fast ( yeah I know lol ) but spidey has beaten heroes and villains a lot stronger and a lot more evil and has always found a way to beat them. He beat the firelord, juggernaut, sinister six, venom, carnage, hulk, iron man, wolverine, the x-men (granted it was in secret wars, but he beat them). He has held his own and I think he would have beat the flash. Ok sorry, keep it up though I love this

    1. Ben Avatar

      My only counter point here is this: Spider-Man has all those victories to his name, but Flash also has huge victories in his history as well, and has power to actually time travel. To me, one on one, just in a battle setting, with no power ups for Spider-Man — just Spidey and Flash at their normal power levels — Flash is going to win. I just can’t imagine it going any other way.

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