Ep. 40 — The Science (Fiction) of Christmas Fantasy

Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce tackle some of the big questions of Christmas. And then a group of children answer the questions as well, while posing some other questions for the three strangers and aliens, too.

Does Frosty have a soul? Is Santa a Time Lord? Is Rudolph a mutant? These questions, and more, are answered once and for all . . . and then once again . . .

WARNING: The existence of Santa is disputed in this episode. Parents with children who believe in Santa should not listen to this with children nearby.

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2 responses to “Ep. 40 — The Science (Fiction) of Christmas Fantasy”

  1. Angie Avatar

    Currently listening to the podcast. : ) I think Heir Drosselmeyer is an ancestor of J.F. Sebastian on Blade Runner.

    Interesting thoughts and questions, guys. Some things I never would have thought to think of. Lol!

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thank you, Angie! Now that you mention it, those creepy little robot toys toward the end of Bladerunner are very reminiscent of the dancing toys in Nutcracker!

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