The Brave and the Bold #14 (Cool Comic Covers #16)

It’s Friday! That means another Cool Comic Covers, a weekly (sometimes more!) look back at some of the most interesting, intriguing, and engaging artwork in pop culture. This week:

The Brave and the Bold #14, by Irv Novick, DC Comics

A really cool blast from the past! The Brave and the Bold is best known as a Batman spotlight or a team-up book.

But, it started out as something of an anthology book. The first few issues were classic medieval fantasy. The Justice League first worked together in the book. For a while it featured Strange Sports (we’ll be taking a look at one of those very soon). It wasn’t a superhero team-up book until about issue 50 or so and Batman wasn’t the primary hero for the team up until the mid-60s.

This cover is pure Robin Hood! I think what I love about this image is that just looking at it, you know what happened before this moment and you know what is going to happen just after. Just before, there was a daring rescue . . . just afterward, they escaped. The body position and the zipping arrows just makes me feel like we’re right in the middle of a very fun action sequence.

And that makes it very, very cool.

Join us next Friday for another Cool Comic Cover! Also, do you have a favorite comic book cover? Share it with us! It just may be featured as a cool comic cover!

~ Ben

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