Super Hero Tournament of Champions: Mr. Fantastic vs. Plastic Man

Dr. Jayce’s Opinion-

WHO WOULD WIN? Plastic Man

WHY? Mr. F is really smart, but smarts only take you so far. Plastic Man is much stronger and would eventually get th best of Mr. F

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE OUTCOME? I look forward to PM’s future in this tournament.

Ben’s Opinion-

WHO WOULD WIN? Plastic Man

WHY? He has a mean streak — he WAS a criminal, after all — so would fight dirty, and he has a more diverse power set. He has more and better control over how he is able to change his body, verses Reed Richards, who can stretch and reach, but can’t really shape. Sure, Reed’s smarter, but mano y mano, hand to hand, no laboratory for Reed to create some sort of invention, Plas takes it.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE OUTCOME? I like both of these characters, but I’m not bothered to see either of them go. Oh, and they both would TROUNCE Elongating Man . . .

Steve’s Opinion –

WHO WOULD WIN? Mister Fantastic

WHY?: Reed Richards enters any battle at least three steps ahead of the competition

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE OUTCOME: similar powers, but vastly different application. I’d like to hear Plastic Man’s commentary during the battle, though!

Fan’s Opinion- (Chad S.)

“Neither. they would mush together to become Mr Plastastic Man.”

Score- 2-1-1 (Plastic Man Wins)

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  1. Gritchu Avatar

    Hate to say it, but you got the wrong one here.

    While flying back from one of his many off site labs to the Baxter Building, Reed is suddenly ambushed as a giant hand grabs the Fantasti-car and pulls it out of the sky down into a rural part of the city. Reed quickly escapes the craft and glides down by stretching his body into a glider-like shape.

    Instantly he is assaulted by Plastic Man with both physical and verbal assault. Reed’s flexible body remains unharmed as it stretches around the various shaped fists Plasticman throws at him. Likewise, Reed tries wrapping himself around Plasticman’s body only to find that Plasticman is able to slip free of his grasp just as easily. Neither combatant is able to damage the other physically due to their extreme durability elastic nature. Having realized this long before Plasticman, Reed pulls one of his devices from the crashed Fantasti-car. The device emits sonic waves that shook Plasticman up but otherwise had little effect.

    Plasticman makes a joke and resumes his assault. Reed, evading Plasticman’s attack works at getting some distance between them, but Plasticman is very quick to follow. After a very quick chase, Plasticman whips around the last building Reed took cover behind but is immediately blasted in the face with a microwave burst from the device Reed has been making adjustments to throughout the entire chase. The sudden heat created by the microwave energy causes Plasticman to melt and deform. A few quick blasts is all Reed needed to put Plasticman under wraps.

    A quick call via his communicator and soon the rest of the Fantastic Four will arrive to help clean up the mess.

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